The Quail Hollow Club has brought you again to another world-class golf championship! Their 2019 season for Wells Fargo Championship was held at Charlotte, N.C. last May 2-5, 2019. The field yardage was 717,554 yards and the courses’ pot money reached $7.9M.

Like any other game sponsored by Quail Hollow Club and Fishing Championships Texas, a portion of the winning share as well as a range of homeware goods was donated to charitable institutions in the Charlotte locale.

This season addressed the event organisation issues from last year. They have already built Kid’s villages per police headquarter satellites at each post in order for them to manage the kids more and entertain them while the games are on.

There are also a lot of charging stations, snack bars, and resting lounges that stood within the area. There are also new rules and regulations when it comes to interacting and asking for player autographs. This season came smoothly and has really been held in an orderly fashion.

The game has also more funds than it did for the past season. The games were shown on live television through the Golf Channel. This has been Quail Hollow’s highest-grossing event based on ticketing and sponsored funds. Fans were given extra security this year. The marshals were doubled and the new regulations were strictly implemented.

As a manifestation of their gratitude for the fans’ continual support to their annual games, the Quail Hollow Club gave tribute to the military (both retired and active) and their families. They were given special seats, free entrance tickets, and snacks.

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