More than just a passion, Wachovia Golf Championship considers golf as a way of life. Serving recreation and harnessing skill for over decades now, the Wachovia Golf Championship is a world-renowned golfing spot and is one of the best golf clubs bound together by professional coaching golfers.

With a wide open field and a relaxing ambiance, we offer a relaxing welcome to our visitors.

We cater to local and foreign tourists and provide them with utmost service. In our golf club, customers may choose to play, take part in a professional lesson, or train for more serious gameplay. Above all, we are committed to promoting golf as an exemplary sport and a recreational activity at the same time.

Wachovia Golf Championship is open to all interested golfers — both newbies and veterans — as a sanctuary to unwind and divert their attention from the stressful activities adult life could give.

Wachovia Golf Championship gives the opportunity to its competent golfers to showcase their skills in tournaments both locally and internationally. Be one of us and start your journey toward becoming a professional golfer!