We honour the fact that we have fans across a wide range of ages, and just like our previous season’s statistics, a lot of them are children. To make our events children-safe and parent-reliable, we offer the following security and entertainment services for children:

Kids’ Menu

To cater to the kids’ liking, we prioritise their needs and wants on our menu. We offer sandwiches, yoghurt, and fruits at the full menu posts on our activity area.

Kids’ Counters

For infants and kids below three years of age, we encourage their parents to use strollers since it will be easier to use along the field. Kids’ stuff and diaper bags are also allowed but need to undergo security and checkpoints.

One-Stop Clinic

For a safer and child-friendly place, we partnered with local hospitals and we always have active medics and nurses roaming around the place and on-duty at their posts. We are always ready for first-aid and other instant treatments for a better and more reliable event to happen.

Kids’ Place

We don’t want the kids to waste around and spoil the fun, so we’re giving them their own bunch of activities. There will be a kids’ place allotted for the young ones, and activities such as basic golf lessons and other fun-filled games and lectures will be facilitated. There will also be free snacks and treats to be provided.


We guarantee kid safety on our grounds. Our ambassadors and volunteers will be on tournament uniforms so they can be easily approached by kids who have been separated from their guardians. We also provide brightly coloured wristbands for extra safety and also to remind these kids to not be hesitant to approach our staff whenever they are in trouble or in need of help.