Q: What is the Ticket Policy?

A: Once you’ve already booked your ticket, you need to pay within twenty-four (24) hours. There is a strict implementation of no transfer and no refund policy. Tickets for children are also the same as the ticket rates for adult access. The ticket prices on the lawn area will be based on the seating options and facilitation preferences.

Q: What is Your In-House Policy?

A: We are strict on the security checkpoints and bags need to be surrendered for inspection. There are days in which you cannot bring cameras inside the activity area; days like these are most likely within the tournament period.

Q: Is There a Military Ticket Deal?

A: Yes! We honour our military personnel (both veterans and rookies as well as their families). We give free access to retired or active military personnel and provide incentives and discounts to their group.

Q: What is Your Parking Policy?

A: We provide a lot of parking spaces in different posts within the parameters of the field. For more details about the prices, reservations, and specific locations, contact us or visit our official social media page.

Q: Do You Offer Stay-In Locations?

A: For those who are in need of a place to stay overnight during the tournament, you may contact us for more details.

Q: How Long Will the Tournament Be?

Like our past seasons, it would be a 3-day tournament, but the event will last for more than a week. Events such as rehearsals and gameplays will take place before the actual tournament itself.