We offer different ticket packages based on your preferences. Ticket prices may vary depending on your package customisation and the number of people there are in your group. The following are some of our package inclusions:

Daily Grounds Tickets

This gives you access to the Wachovia ground on the three consecutive days of the tournament. You may customise your days and keep access on the days you want to pay a visit.

Good-Any-One-Day Tickets

This package includes your option to pick any one day during the tournament. You may have access in any day during the championships. This is best for those who have hectic schedules.

Practice Pack Tickets

This is comprised of three-day access before the tournament. You will be able to take photos of your favourite golf stars during their rehearsals.

Weekly Grounds Tickets

For super fans and those who want one-week access, this package is best for you. Compared to single ticket purchases, this bulk access will save you a generous amount, plus you won’t miss any of the live action tournament — from the rehearsals down to the actual games!