Wachovia Golf Championship will be having its tournament this 2020. With this, you can have a chance to showcase your talent and support well-renowned golfers.

By supporting our tournaments, you can also get to be a part of a charitable and environmental cause. With just a few years of foundation, we have already accumulated a generous amount of donations to local and international charitable institutions providing support to education, youth empowerment, and sports promotion.

We also proved to be a critical part of boosting the local economy by collecting approximately $50 million on our tournaments alone.

The actual tournament will be on the 72-hole stroke play format with more than 150 competitors in total. The games will be cut into sessions of 36 holes per post, and there will also be an elimination round for competitors with low scores and ties.

Just like on the annual tournaments, the 2020 tournament will also be broadcasted on live television in international and local channels through our TV partners and sponsors. The tournament will be on air to 255 different countries in more than 30 various languages. We will also be conducting live telecast on our YouTube and social media accounts.

Our tournament registration is open to all interested golfers – both veterans and rookies. The aim of this event is to engage more people in the game of golf and promote the beauty of this activity both as a recreation and as a sport.

For more details on our 2020 tournament, contact us or follow our official social media page and for more updates. See you there!